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When not fishing, we are usually thinking about fishing, reading about fishing, or writing about fishing. Check here regularly for blog entries detailing our time on the water while we chase multiple species throughout the year.

River Report : February 25th, 2018

Will winter return? Not in the 7 -15 day out look. Air temps are expected to stay in the low to upper 40's with lows expected to mostly be in the 30"s throughout the period. There is little precip....

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February 21st 2018 River Report

River Report 2/21/2018 Southern VT : Based on info and photos from Stream & Brook guide Kevin Ramirez. All fish caught & released on Sunday. Fish were deep and seemed still too sl....

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Keep the fire burning

  • February 9, 2018
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There are only a couple of days until Valentines Day. What are you going to get your baby? Imagine... just the two of you, spending time together, learning something new, a life long activity t....

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