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Bows, browns and brookies…oh my!

Bows, browns and brookies…oh my!

  • August 28, 2017
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Trout fishing in Vermont is at it’s best right now. Rivers, big and small, are at their seasonal average levels, clarity has been excellent and water temps are unbelievable for this time of year with mid size streams in the upper 50’s and big rivers in the low 60’s.  All of this is due to limited precip over the last week and air temps in the low 70’s during the day and night time temps in the 40’s. There is a warming trend for the rest of this week. with a chance of rain later in the week, but we’ll be needing it by then.

The mornings have had the best action. Generally we have been fishing in the fog in the morning, which quickly burns off to a blue bird day. Sometimes that bright sunshine shuts the activity down, other times it warms the water to get some hatching insects going. Mostly BWO’s have been hatching from 10am to noon. then sparse Isonychia’s. I was very surprised to find some Epheron(White fly) spinners spinning around in an eddie one cool morning. With Iso nymph so prevalent on the river bottom it’s not so surprising that Red Headed Princes, Zug bugs and natural imitations in size 14 and 12 are producing. #16 pheasant tails, #12 mini muddlers and mini olive woolly buggers have also been fooling a fair share of trout.

Fellow guide, Tim Hayes and I got out Saturday morn to do a little scouting for some upcoming trips.   We started out on the upper Lamoille, where we were greeted by some foggy conditions. The rainbows didn’t seem to mind. As the sun burned thru, a hatch and spinner fall of BWO got going, however the fish had no interest. We wound up hiking way up a tributary and found some beautiful brown and brookies eager to put a bend in our rods. We tried surface offering first, with no regard. As soon as Tim started testing the rest of the water column, he was rewarded with spectacular looking wild browns and brookies. He was catching fish in every fishy looking spot. Unfortunately,  He had only one fly of the pattern the fish wanted. I picked away at them with other patterns, but it was amazing how Tim’s fly was so productive. Tim wound up going for the cycle, catching all three trout species for the first time.

We still have guide availability for Labor day and Columbus Day weekends. We also have a number of trips booked by families bringing there son’s and daughters to college. We love getting these folks out as a way to break up there visit to Vermont, and many become return clients, at least for the 4 years their children are going to school here.