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We try to keep you up to date on current fishing conditions and results in our river reports.  Check the site often as we publish new reports frequently most of the fishing season.

River Report 1/8/19

Happy New Year!! Well because of the rain storm we revived to start the New Year the Lake Champlain tribs are nearly ice free and very fishable flows. All rivers across Vt were very high on the....

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River Report, January 6th, 2019

  • January 6, 2019
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Yesterday was a busy day with things I save to do in the winter, however the day was to nice not to enjoy some of it. It was mostly sunny with air temps in the upper 30's and no wind. Water temp was 3....

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Fly tying season

Every year the fishing seasons come to an end, then hunting seasons comes to an end, then the Holiday season comes to an end and that's when fly tying season begins. It's the time when day light is at....

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