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We try to keep you up to date on current fishing conditions and results in our river reports.  Check the site often as we publish new reports frequently most of the fishing season.

River Report 5/2/2018

The river’s are very high all over the state. Still tons of fishing opportunities especially as more and more lakes and ponds shed the ice that covered them all Winter. From Beaver Po....

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River Report 4/23/18

  • April 26, 2018
  • brian-cadoretgmail-com
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I have not taken too much time to get on the water. Sugarbush is still open and lots of snow in the higher elevation still! The Winooski River watershed is directly affected by snowmelt and runoff. Ev....

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River Report 4/22/2018

River Report 4/22/2018 Sun? Warm air temps? Fish? Can it really be a glimpse of spring?     The smells and sounds of a Vermont Spring are a little late this year but they are....

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