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February Deal

February Deal

  • February 9, 2019
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With Valentines day being the big holiday of the month, we are feeling the love at Stream and Brook  While fishing solo is fun, it’s much more fun fishing with others to share experience the day on the water. Whether you put fish in the net or stink a little like skunk at the end of the day, the sights and sounds of time together are things you’ll remember for a lifetime. Sharing these moments with a lover or significant friend is when it’s at it’s best.

During the month of February, If you book or purchase a gift certificate for a party of two, take $50 off the regular price ($350) of a half day trip. If you book or purchase a gift certificate for a single beloved  fly fishermen for a half day trip, take $25 off the regular price($200).  Since this holiday is mostly about women, and we love the emergence of women in this sport. If it’s a purchase for a women take $50 off.

We send e-certs so we can get them to you last minute for Valentines Day.