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January Deal for beginners and novice fly fishing

January Deal for beginners and novice fly fishing

  • December 31, 2017
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We hear it all the time:  ” I’ve always wanted to learn how to fly fish”  or        ” I’d love to have a casting lesson and learn some strategies and techniques” Now that 2018 is here, Stream and Brook would like to celebrate with discounts for those who have made their “learning how to fly fish” a new year resolution!  Purchase a one or two day, “Learn to Fly Fish School,”  gift certificate during the Month of January,  and take $25 off  2017 prices for one angler, and $50 for two anglers.

Our 1 day school is gear towards the novice, someone who has experience, but is looking to improve casting abilities and learn  more on stream strategies and techniques.  This is a full day , just you and anyone who joins you with a guide/instructor. No big classes with people you don’t know, and one on one instruction. You’ll learn how to cast  short in tight quarters on a small mountain brook trout stream as well as making longer casts and managing your line while fishing bigger waters chasing larger fish.

1 angler -$325                                                                                                                                each additional- $215

Our 2 day school is geared more for the beginner, someone who is looking to get a “soup to nuts” experience to learn all about the sport of fly fishing.  Again, you will not be in a large group, only you and the people you wish to learn with. Each day will be about 6 hours long with a guide/instructor. The 1st day is land based. You will learn about all the the gear you’ll need to get started ie.  different rods for pursuing different fish species.  waders and wading boots, fishing vest that hold the accessories important for a fun day on the water. You’ll learn the different foods that fish eat and the flies we use to imitate those food sources . You’ll learn different knots that are important. You’ll learn 4 different casting methods on the grass. We do this so you can focus only on casting not catching  fish, or managing  line on the water. You’ll get that on day 2 when you’ll start to apply everything you learned from day 1. You’ll also learn strategies, techniques, how to read the water and some basic entomology, all in an effort to actually catch fish.

1 angler- $400                                                                                                                               each additional angler- $300

In either case we will supply any or all the gear you’ll need to have a great experience and a fun start to a lifelong activity that you’ll be able to use no matter where you fish or what you fishing for.  The rate reflect 2017 rates which will only be good for January 2018, so please contact us to get your gift certificate  with discounts to the 2017 rates.