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Walk and wade trips are our most popular service, we will spend either a full or half day exploring the rivers and streams of Vermont on foot. We also offer a short walk and wade “Fish the Hatch” service if you are hoping to hit seasonal hatches, or small time windows of availability. Vermont has and abundance of beautiful free stone streams and rivers that provide excellent dry fly, nymph fishing, or tossing streamers. We do our best at Stream and Brook to make sure that the experience is as enjoyable as the instruction. Whether it’s stalking brookies in the cool mountain streams or casting clear across a river to a sipping brown we are there to support you. Or tempting hungry Smallmouth Bass with streamers. We are happy to build these trips around your schedule and interests. If you are looking for something different check out our Norther Pike and Other Species services for a chance at an exotic trophy.

Fish the Hatch



price for individual (about 2 hrs). Includes: fishing gear and flies. Additional person cost is $100.

Ask about current hatch or other seasonal opportunities for a quick, and possibly very productive, outing.

Walk-n-Wade Half Day



price for individual, half day (~4 hrs)
Includes: drinking water, fishing gear, and flies. Additional person cost is $125

Same trip as our full day walk-n-wade only half the time.  Very affordable and still plenty of time to enjoy the splendor of VT and catch fish.

Walk-n-Wade Full Day



price for individual, full day (8-9 hrs). Includes: water, fishing gear, and flies. Additional person cost is $215.

Wade with one or our guides in VT's numerous waters in search of trout, and other species.

Northern Pike on the Fly



price for individual, full day (8-9 hrs). Includes: fishing gear and flies. $200 for half day (~4 hrs). Additional person cost is $250 or $125, for full or half day, respectively.

Let us show you where the big toothy fish live in the area. Walk and wade the Otter Creek casting big streamers to aggressive northerns.

VT Canoe Fishing



price for individual, full day (8-9 hrs). Includes: fishing gear and flies. $300 for short day (~6 hrs), $225 for half day (~4 hrs)

These trips will be done in a canoe, a great way to fly fish our slower running rivers, ponds, and even Lake Champlain.  Limit one angler per guide, and we can target trout, bass, pike, or lesser known species that can provide some amazing fly fishing action. Many of these are warm water species and offer an alternative to trout streams in the heat of the summer.


Frequent questions about trips

What to Bring on Any Trip?

A valid fishing license is required and can be obtained from VT Fish and Wildlife, your guide will verify your license at the beginning of your trip. The following items will help to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip:
– sun glasses (polarized)
– rain layer
– spare socks & shirt
– sun block

What is provided with each trip?

Stream and Brook will provide bottled water, and any gear or flies you might not have for the trips. Lunch is not included (we’re trying not to run up our prices) in any trips this season. We can always stop at a store or a local deli along the way for you to grab a sandwich or snack.

Is a deposit Required?

Not for individuals or small parties. A 25% deposit is required for group rates.

Is there a group discount?

Group Rates are available for parties of 5 or more, contact us for more information.