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River Report 1/16/2018

River Report 1/16/2018

River Report 1/16/2018

It will still be a few more days before I fish the Otter. It’s currently at 1,750 cfs and muddy. It shot up from around 400 cfs to over 2,000 cfs a few days ago. VT rivers in general were just raging after a 2 plus inch rain storm and two days of 55 degrees melted a few feet of snowpack. Many rivers lost all the ice and it caused some damage and major flooding.


The good thing is when everything settles down and clears up the fishing should be decent. Late December into early January we had many nights where the air temperatures were 10 to 20 below zero that the river were frozen up pretty bad.

This is downtown Middlebury today. Plenty of open water now but as you can see very poor clarity and it’s still moving very fast. Be very careful around water like this. It’s tempting to go out on the shelf ice so you can get better drifts but if it brakes you end up going downriver quickly and the water is super cold. Look at the next pic it would be bad to end up in the water in spots like this!

So the smaller Lake Champlain tribs in NY and VT are probably already down and clear. Now that all the ice is out it may be a good time to give it a go at some Steelhead….  If it wasn’t 7 degrees today I would of tried a few spots. Plus I had to make snow at 3. The ski areas lost a ton of snow! I did get my 2018 Vt fishing license today and encourage everyone to make sure they have one when they get out! (BC)

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