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River Report: December 22, 2017

River Report: December 22, 2017

River conditions around the state have been decent. The TLC has been very consistent for a while due to the fact that all of our precipitation has  come in the form of snow, and we haven’t had any lengthy bouts of bitter cold. Temperatures don’t fluctuate as much in the winter as they can in the summer. They remain mostly in the mid to upper 30’s until we start getting so 50 and 60 degree air temps in the spring.

We have a some weather on the way that could cause the start of fly tying season, which starts when tying flies is more productive than fishing them. This year open day of that season looks to be December 27th. According to the long range forecast, we are in for a 10 day stretch where temps will struggle to get out of the single digits for highs and low will, let’s just say , not fit for man nor beast. That’s going to freeze up much of the open water or make it dangerous to access. Until then, we have snow right now, rain tomorrow turning back to snow tomorrow night. Looks like we’ll have fresh snow to wake up to on Christmas morning as well.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and  a peaceful new year.   I hope you enjoy, and can take something away  from our posts. Stay tuned to our web site and all social media  this winter. There may not be much fishing to report on , however there is a ton of other thinks we like to talk about, plus we have monthly deals and giveaways to keep the passion alive during the dead of winter.

Gift Certificates for all of our services are available anytime. We send them electronically so you can get them last second. 2017 prices will still be available until Feb 1st. so if Santa doesn’t hook you up , you many have to take matters into your own hand with the cash you get.