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River Report : February 25th, 2018

River Report : February 25th, 2018

Will winter return? Not in the 7 -15 day out look. Air temps are expected to stay in the low to upper 40’s with lows expected to mostly be in the 30″s throughout the period. There is little precipitation forecast as well. Rivers are way down from the record warmth and decent rains we received early last week, so the trend for good river conditions will continue to improve.

Reports have been favorable over the last few day. Our guide Kevin Ramerez has been doing a stroke of business up and down the west half of the state. He’s been getting some nice browns and bows to the net using a fly rod and throwing some no traditional, but very popular squirmy wormy material as well as some other attracting patterns.

Staying close to the bottom has been key. The fly tying club has been tying up flies to do just that. Last week we tied up some traditional muddler minnows. Muddlers are a great early season trout fly. They are tied to imitate the sculpin, which are prevalent in most Vermont water and live close to or on the river bottom. They start to get more active with the warming of the water seeking out aquatic insects, which have also increased their activity.   Check out the fly tying club, to see whats going on the vise, you never know who will show up.

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