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River Report, January 6th, 2019

River Report, January 6th, 2019

  • January 6, 2019
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Yesterday was a busy day with things I save to do in the winter, however the day was to nice not to enjoy some of it. It was mostly sunny with air temps in the upper 30’s and no wind. Water temp was 34 with great flow and clarity. What more could you ask. So, With only a couple of hours of day light, I ran out and purchased my new 2019 combo license as well as all the other stamps I’ll need. I then went directly to the Lamoille to try to fool a trout.

Now winter fishing is not like summer fishing. You can’t just run out the door in the clothes your wearing, and expect your normal parking spot will be clear of snow, and you’ll have a nice leisurely  walk down the trail to a peaceful wade in the water. Far from it. You have to dress and prepare like your going ice fishing or skiing. If there is snow, be aware that the little pull off that you normally park in has a pile of plowed snow in it. A shovel is a good idea if you are determined to get in there. You should wear wading boots with cleats. Most times you are blazing a trail through snow to the water and the obstacles you could find at the rivers edge are numerous. All safety precautions should be taken.   It is also advised that you don’t go alone.

Yesterday I went alone simply because it was spur of the moment and I am very cautious with myself as well as with clients all the time, plus I’ve done this a time or two an knew the area very well. However I did encounter the minimal parking spot. I had to blaze a trail and when I got the rivers edge to backs were snow cover with snow covered ice extending out into the river. the ice did break in one location, but I only enter where the water is shallow in case of incident. Once in the water there was ice in the flow making for worse conditions than when leaves are in the flow. In one spot my net was in the water and was trapping the ice. In another spot as I tied on a fly, I looked up and there was a slow moving iceberg floating by, which definitely made me keep looking over my shoulder for the rest of time.

I did tussle with a decent brownie. The whole time I could feel chucks of ice bouncing off my line. I thought there is now way I’m going to net this fish. As the fight continued, I got him to where I thought I might be able to net him. I reached for the net, an felt and saw the fish come unbuttoned. Great release to probably a 15 or 16 inch black woolly bugger eater.

Conditions will be changing if you are thinking of getting out.  A coastal storm is expected to start Tuesday night and last until Thursday morning. Could start out as rain as temps will be in the mid 30’s, but it is expect to change to snow . Right now they are saying 3-6 inches. More importantly, we are expected to have an arctic  blast from the 10th to the 14th which will undoubtedly close up some water for fishing.

Don’t forget to order you flies for next season, or for your next fishing trip. Give me a call so we can talk details about getting you set up with some top quality guide flies.