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River Report July 30th 2018

River Report July 30th 2018

River Report July 30th 2018

“Some like it hot” Trout do not!

Way up in Lincoln searching for cold water and Brook Trout.

We will be giving away some river thermometers  on our Facebook/ Instagram pages this week along with some Stream and Brook hockey puck fly boxes to help promote awareness of safe catch and release tactics for Trout. I’m for the first time even hearing on VPR commercials about the dangers of releasing Trout in water tempatures over 70 degrees. Which is great! I’ve heard recently guides from Maine and even in the Midwest stopping all together till water temps drop.

Client: Brad from Michigan last week.

Ok the past 10 days or so has been good and bad. Good that parts of Vt has received between 1.5 and 3” of rain and some cooler nights especially in the mountains.

Battenkill Bill a few days ago in Southern Vt

Some of guides and friends took advantage and caught some “reel” nice fish.

Guide Sutton Doria high sticking Golden Stones in fast water with great success.

In Northern Vt the rain has been barley enough to raise the Brooks to a healthy looking level. Take advantage and swim in some of your favorite spots and enjoy the scenery. Bring a swim mask and look for fish. May be surprised and fish the area differently next time.

However if you can find cold water the fish are active and lots of hatches going off. Caddis, huge Golden Stones and Hoppers are all I’m throwing and having success.

Fat Albert’s, Ausable Bomber’s, Green Elk Hair Caddis being very productive. A Golden Stone dropper will get lots of eats in very fast water. I always have a few Ausable Wulffs handy as well.


During the rain events and early the next morning we were getting river temps of 62/63 in the Brook Trout streams and 66/68 degrees in the fast water sections of Otter Creek tribs. Yesterday afternoon in the same zones river temps had spiked to between 69/72.

The Otter has been 77 degrees as far South as Proctor and all the way to Weybridge pretty much every time I’ve been out for Pike, Smallmouths and Fallfish.

Lake Champlain is still dropping and it’s been a blast chasing Bass, Bowfin, Carp, Gar and Sheephead all Summer. Many times it’s all sight fishing and having multiple rods ready for different kinds of fish.


The Otter is way to warm to fish for Trout. Probably all of August as well? Hovering around 77 currently. But it’s still in the safe range to target many warm water species.


I’ve been having a blast throwing Mouse patterns and huge foam Hoppers to Smallmouths and Fallfish and the occasional Rock Bass.



Even mid day when it was 90 outside and Sunny the fish were active. Watching 10-15 fish in a few hours explode on Mice is fun. Especially on a 3wt-5wt fly rod in fast water.

Chasing Pike this time of year means getting up early I believe the 6am to 9 bite is the strongest. Pretty common for most river fishing in the Summer. You can catch them mid day but they seem to be sluggish and the smaller ones are more active.


Even though they are a warm water species we are suggesting not targeting Pike/ Musky if the water temp is over 79. Will look more into this but that’s what folks seem to be saying online. A reminder All Musky in Vt must be released.


Please use a shopping bag or your net to help clean up while fishing.

Looking ahead most days are 80’s during the day and 60’s at night. With a few possible afternoon thunderstorms mix in. Not the best scenario for dropping river temps.

Fish early and way up in the hills for cooler water. Small Bass ponds and Lake Champlain will continue to fish very well.

Thanks BC