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River Report June 2, 2018

River Report June 2, 2018

  • June 2, 2018
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Rivers in Vermont have been in excellent condition. Water temps have been right around 60 on small/mid size streams and with air temps in the high 80’s the past couple days the big rivers have pushed into the upper 60’s. Lamoille was 67 last night and great wet wading.

Thunderstorms last evening have probably changed the great condition in southern Vermont, we didn’t even get rain to the north. The Rivers that didn’t get hit by storms should remain excellent this week with cooler air temps and some showers here and there.


We have been having some excellent tan caddis hatches and many of our clients have been doing well on the surface with Elk hair caddis patterns on top. When the surface action slows muddler minnows have been crushing it. I don’t even fish muddlers in sizes greater than 10. The mini muddlers far out produce their larger counterparts. My tip of the week, and could be a life time tip, is to get yourself some muddlers in sizes #14-10.

March Browns should start making there presents know. There have been plenty of nymphs on the river bottom. One of my favorite May flies to fish. Amber hare’s ears for nymph imitations and parachutes for dries.