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Fly Fishing School – 1 Day

Fly Fishing School – 1 Day

  • January 11, 2018
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Our 1 day school is geared toward the novice, someone who has experience, but is looking to improve their casting abilities and learn more on stream strategies and techniques. This is a full day , just you and anyone who joins you with a guide/instructor. No big classes with people you don’t know. It’s one on one instruction.

You’ll learn how to cast short, in tight quarters on a small mountain brook trout stream, as well as making longer casts and managing your line while fishing bigger waters chasing larger fish. You’ll learn, how to read the water to understand where fish are likely to be. You’ll learn how to read the environment to gather clues as to what might be on the fishes menu. You’ll learn your own stream presents, and how to be more stealthy. You’ll learn which flies to have and different way to present them and much more.

1 angler -$325 each additional- $215