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Where the fishing never ends

Where the fishing never ends

  • October 20, 2018
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The regular season for trout (when all waters are open to trout fishing by legal methods) closes October 31st. That doesn’t mean you can’t catch trout anymore. There is plenty of water that is open to year round, catch and release ,artificial lure only fishing.

Fishing during the winter months can be challenging. We continue to guide clients who are up for the challenge as long as the rivers are free of ice and they can be accessed safely. We have a group of 8 anglers,who are guests at Whistle Pig Whiskey that will be up for the challenge in early November. We always have a few hearty souls who come up for a week of skiing and take a morning or evening off to give it go. If you haven’t fly fished with snow covered river banks and in your skiing clothes, you don’t know what your missing.

November and December still fish well for larger spawning fish and our guides know where to give you the best opportunities on Lake Champlain tributaries. So don’t let your gear start collecting dust yet. Contact us if you want insight into the places where the fishing never ends.

Hunting season is upon us now. You may have the river to yourself, because many have put down the rods and picked up the gun. Now is a good time to wear visible colors , florescent orange preferably. Have fun and be safe.

Save the worms!

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