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River report: 2.25.19

River report: 2.25.19

  • February 25, 2019
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Rain and snowmelt in the last 24 hours has the Otter a bit riled up. Great clarity just very swift and hard to wade in the spots that aren’t iced over. Which means fishing directly below a waterfall or dam. The fast water doesn’t free like the most of the slow meandering river.

I tried a Black wolly bugger and a Prince Nymph combination in the deeper holes. Sweeping them through and swinging them at the end into shallow faster water. Sometimes the big fish will take advantage of rising water and hang out in the back of pools and let food flow right to them. More than once my flies have came tight just as I was giving up on a drift!

I expect with in a day or two the Otter will be fishing much easier as it’s going to possibly get below zero tomorrow and warming up for the weekend.

Be careful and good luck if you get out! BC