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2020 was a different year.

2020 was a different year.

  • January 6, 2021
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Happy 2021! COVID-19 has hit folks in so many different ways in 2020. Whether it was having a sick family member and not being able to see them or hug them, losing a job or having to work a job because you were considered essential, working or schooling remotely, not be able to graduate, take a new job, go out to eat or do much of anything social. The list goes on.

Fly fishing lens toward social distancing

Stream and Brook was hit hard due to travel restrictions during the prime fishing time in the spring, and when people try to plan vacation time for the summer. It Vermonters that kept us afloat during this time.

Every year is different in the guide business. With the shutdown going on, Locals we’re looking for something to do. So a bunch of folks decided to get back to fishing. After all, fishing is the best and easiest way to get outside and social distance with friends and family. We conducted a number of 1 and 2 days fly fishing schools with people looking to learn the sport or improve their skills. We also had experienced fly fishers looking to get the rust off or wanting to explore water they never had time to explore. For the 1st time, Vermonters accounted for more work than any other demographic.

Learning a lifelong healthy activity

Moving into 2021, things won’t change much We all need to stay positive, hopeful, and healthy in body and mind. We will remain open to support to help support a healthy, active lifestyle for anyone looking to get away from it all. We have guidelines in place, and we are well-practiced with them.

Winter fishing is fun if you’re prepared

There is a ton of water that is open to year-round fishing. Winter can shut those areas down for a while, but when they are open we are available to get you out. If you’ve never fly fished in the winter, be warned, it is a different animal and you need to be prepared for the challenge. Our guides can get you out and show you the ropes for extending your fishing opportunities safely during the winter months.

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