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February 21st 2018 River Report

February 21st 2018 River Report

River Report 2/21/2018

Southern VT :

Based on info and photos from Stream & Brook guide Kevin Ramirez. All fish caught & released on Sunday.

Fish were deep and seemed still too sluggish to chase streamers. Most were caught tight line nymphing.

One Brown & three bows is a great day especially in February! Kevin said the river was high but not yet blown. With rain this morning , air temperatures in the 60’s and lots of snow melt the rivers are high now but as they drop most will be ice free.


The Brown ate an “Iron Lotus”. Tied by Kevin. Picture below in the vice.  One of Bows chomped on a jig nymphed White Wolly Bugger and the other two inhaled squirmy worms.


Good luck  if you get out soon! Be careful as the water is cold and will be very swift with all the snow melt. -BC