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8/24/22 River Report

8/24/22 River Report

  • August 25, 2022
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Fall is fast approaching and with recent rain the fishing is about to improve dramatically!

Recent dry fly eater. Landed by Chandra in a White River tributary.

The mountain brooks have been staying in the 63-65 range the past few times I’ve gotten out. However just the other day it was 72 degrees in Bristol on the New Haven River. So I went further up in the hills in a tributary and it was 64. Fished a new stretch and landed 3 real nice Brookies and missed several more.

Fell for an Ant pattern

So it helps having a river thermometer and searching out cooler water. Hopefully the big rain storm we got on Monday will be followed by more rain as the local streams are still super low! In Middlebury we got 1.7 inches but Brandon only got .5 inches so as usual the rain storms are very spotty! Obviously after a cool evening you can find cooler water temperatures first thing in the morning but by afternoon it may be marginal again.

2wts and small streams is a great combo

Another great fishing opportunity is targeting Smallmouth / Rock Bass and Fallfish in the Otter Creek. The OC is very low and it’s a blast working areas you can’t fish in a normal or high flow. It also is helpful to get to know those areas in low water so when your fishing it in higher levels you know the terrain better.

Recent clients first catch of the day. A nice Fallfish that ate a Hopper off the surface!

Targeting warm waters species right now gives the trout a break and it’s great practice. Some days you can literally land 10-20 fish in just a few hours. Bass / Fallfish will take dry flies, hoppers, nymphs and or streamers. So if you have a favorite technique or want to work on news ones give them a chance.

Big dry flies VS. Rock Bass using a 3wt is a blast

Hopefully the Otter cools down soon and we get better conditions for Trout but there is plenty of other fish to target including Pike!

One on the dry and one on the dropper

Looking ahead possibly rain on Friday and maybe more early next week. Even seeing overnight temps in the 50’s and possibly high 40’s. This will help cool off the rivers as well! Hopefully we are out of the 90 degree days and we have a great September!

Another nice Brookies caught recently in a OC river tributary.