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Ahhhhh September…

Ahhhhh September…

  • August 29, 2022
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September is my favorite month to fish. In general, air and thus water temperatures start to cool off, which is good for fish and angler. We also, typically get more precipitation with remnants of hurricanes occasionally making to the NE. We have my two favorite hatches going on, and getting start. Isonychia and BWO.

September also means days are really starting to get short. This coupled with cooler water and rising river levels gets the fall spawning species activated to make the move up tributaries for their fall ritual. Casting to large spawning fish can last into November.

September also marks when the leaves start changing color. Many fish species change into spawning color during this time. The higher elevations of the NE Kingdom can be at peak during the last couple days of September. A long the Lamoille and Winooski rivers is peak is either side of October 10th. This is also peak time to fish for spawning Landlocked salmon and brown trout.

Hopefully September is everything I said it is, because is has its work cut out. I know I sound like a broken record, but August has been hot and dry. We received 2” of rain in Westford last Thursday. No rise in the Lamoille or Browns river. Just stained the water for a day.

As you can tell by all the pictures, our guides know some special places for finding decent water levels , with temps in the mid 60 and aggressive brookies. They have been crushing hopper patterns in all shapes, colors, and you wouldn’t believe the huge sizes. Happy clients indeed.

Big ol hopper eater