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April showers bring good fishing.

April showers bring good fishing.

  • April 13, 2022
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Open day of “catch and keep” trout season opened last Saturday with river conditions normal for this time of year. Water temps were in the upper 30’s and low 40’s. Levels were high and clarity was poor in most areas. Fish catch rates under these conditions are expected to be low and that held up for most.

We’ve had several rounds of showers since then, and we have more to come this week. These showers will keep conditions poor, but they are coming with warm air temps which will help with water temps.

April showers not only bring flowers in May but great fishing. With a lower than average snow pack this year, we’ll take the rain now to make sure rivers have plenty of water for spring spawners and as we move into warmer and dryer times.

With April catch rates typically slow, you should slow your presentation. Fish are lethargic right now, their metabolism is low so they still don’t need to feed much. Fly selection should consist of streamers and nymphs fished on the bottom and as slow in the drift as you can. Fish usually hold in the slower sections and close to the bottom, so getting your fly down quick and bouncing bottom is key.

A good fly selection consists of large streamers in a variety of colors with some flash. Woolly Buggers, Clouser minnows, Drunk Daddy’s, Muddler minnows and 3 river streamers to name a few. Fish are typically not ready to chase a swinging streamer so I find getting them to face up stream and nymphing them is a good technique. Small nymph produce better in April. Stands to reason that small flies hatch first so the nymphs are more active getting ready to make their assent. A good selection consists of Pheasant tails, black or brown stones, hares ears, Walt’s worm, Frenchies and picket Finn’s. Remember fish slow with good line maintenance. This is a good time to get into a “Zen” where you focus with all of your senses.