June 29, 2024

Fish was great this past week. The 3-4 inches of rain we received the week before has receded making for perfect river levels. Water temps dropped as well putting big rivers back to the mid 60. Rain and cool air temps today and tomorrow should just the great conditions going for this coming week. 

Trout and warm water species have been eating everything we throw at them. Dry fly fishing is at its best. Big mayfly imitation, particularly Cahill’s, have been aggressively taken on the surface or just below. Terrestrials have been crawling all over bank side vegetation, so windy days make hoppers and ants a good option for some slashing takes.

During a trip with our guides, we not only try to get you to catch fish, we want to show you a fun time, and/hope to show/teach you a thing or two that you’ll remember. Our casting lessons are geared  in such a way that you’ll be able to coach yourself how to cast, long after you leave your instructor.

If you’re visiting Vermont this summer or fall, and want to have some fun, send an inquiry to us and we’ll start making a plan

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