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Very Busy, for good reason.

Very Busy, for good reason.

  • October 9, 2017
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We have been very busy over the past several weeks for good reason. The fishing has been good. Our clients have been having fun every where we take them. Big rainbows on the big rivers, wild browns on the mid size tributaries and beautiful brookies on mountain brook.  While the water systems have been low and clear, the water temps have been great. Angler comfort is at it’s best, as we have had air temps in the mid 70’s, fall foliage is near peak in the mountains and mostly sunny days. We are still seeing hatches of Isonychia, Yellow Quill , tan and green bodied caddis as well as BWO’s and #10 Pumpkin caddis.

I have had the pleasure of fishing with several women recently, ranging from raw beginners to having over 25 years of experience fishing around the wold. In each case we had loads of fun with lots of learning for both client and guide. I love teaching women how to cast. I know the men won’t like to hear this, but women are naturals for doing what it takes to cast line using a rod. They listen to instruction, and with finesse they apply it to the movements required  for forming the loop which propels the fly. Their amazement, that they can do it at all, is one of the many reasons why I guide and instruct.

We have been lacking in precipitation  for quit some time now. Thanks to what remains of Tropical storm Nate, we will be getting some beneficial rain today, mostly to the north. This is great for the  salmon, browns and brook trout that spawn this time of year. Hopefully this is the kind of rain that will trigger the spawners who have been waiting for a good flush of water to head back home. Some have already made the push, and we have been getting hook ups on  LL salmon and big colorful browns in their likely locations.

The close to the regular season of trout is October 31st. However there is year around fishing for catch and release, artificial lures only, on many miles of river that remain very productive until the water temps approach 40 degrees. Right now most waters are in the upper 50’s and low 60’s. Also, rivers are beginning to empty of anglers who have hung it up for the year so they can get out hunting. It’s not a bad idea to wear some florescent orange while fishing this time of year.


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  1. I had a great time fishing with Brian Z. Last week on the Lamoille…got to break some old bad habits and learned lots of new techniques and tips. Went back to try some of the spots again and got a couple of rainbows and hooked, but lost a nice brown…. So, you can teach on old gal some new tricks!

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