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Day by Day

Day by Day


Fishing has been day by day, and watershed by watershed. If you’re a Catch and release (C&R) fisher, it can be section by section. All rivers are running at seasonal levels, clear and for the most part good temps are good. You’ll only need your thermometer a little while longer, but for now some sections of the big rivers getting to 70 during the later part of the day. We haven’t had any appreciable amount of rain for the month of August, unless you where one of the unlucky that got hit by a renegade Tstorm this past Saturday.

Dawn has been the best time to fish. It’s when you’ll find the trouts favorite feeding temps best temps, the low light keeps them out and feeding before they drop back into the daytime depths. You’ll have the river to yourself for sure.  The reason some sections of the river are cooler than others is due to the fact that the tributaries are running very cool. The Furnace was 57 on Saturday and most others I’ve been on are in the low 60’s.

Forget matching the hatch. It’s terrestrials they want.  Many of the fish caught last week were on Hoppers, Simulators and ants. I recently found a fly that is a knock off of the western tarantula. I call it the Scorpion. Paul”brown Dog” Brown and I tied it up many years ago and had good success with it. I haven’t fished it the last couple years opting for a hopper instead. However, I took it for a float a couple weeks ago and I have gained a new found respect for it’s production. I’m only kidding when I say forget about matching the hatch, especially this time of year. It’s when Isonychias being to take flight and the trout love them. They should. They are the last of the large mayflies and they are abundant in VT waters. It also occurs while the trout are putting on the fall feed bag in preparation for winter. More on that as we start catching fish on hatch matching imitations.

If you haven’t noticed we have a new web site, designed by Tim Hayes and Ben Brunt at We are doing some promotional stuff on facebook and instagram to celebrate. You can win a late season selection of flies tied by me, which will include some Iso patterns, if you; like us, friend us, follow us and most importantly share us with other fly fishers that think might enjoy our posts or might like to get out on the water with us.  We would also love to hear what you think of the new site.