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End of the season, or is it?

End of the season, or is it?

  • November 4, 2020
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October 31st, marked the end of the regular trout season. However, the Vermont department of fish and wildlife has allowed much of the water on tributaries to Lake Champlain to stay open year round for C&R, artificial lures only. This has been great news for the anglers who are always looking to put a bend in their rod.

Even though there is a ton of water to fish, the weather is not so comfortable to get off the couch and go. The days of wet wading in a pair of short are long gone. The fish realize how cold their environment is getting and how short the days are. Hatches are mostly none existent except for a few BWO and small stonefly that can still show on warmer days. So the fishing conditions are tough and the bit is a little more challenging.

If you do get out you’ll probably have the river to yourself. Many anglers also hunt, so for the short time they get to fill the freezer, they have hung up the rod, or just spend more time in the woods than on the river. With hunting season upon us, it is also a good idea to wear some blaze orange or other brightly colored hat while wading. You will also notice less or no out of state license plates in the near future as Restrictions are getting tighter everyday for travels to Vermont.

Stream and Brook is COVID tough. We have plans in place to keep you safe and healthy if you still have some unfinished business with a brown trout or if your looking to put a big bend in your rod with a November lake trout or salmon. We are here to help you with our many service.