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Gift Ideas for fly fishers

Gift Ideas for fly fishers

  • December 6, 2021
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Every year around Christmas we sell a bunch of fly fishing gift certificates that can be used towards any of our services. The folks that receive these gifts, whether it’s to learn how to fly fish, need some instruction to work on skills, or someone who can fly fish but wants to learn new water and hot spots, always say the same thing: “What a great gift.” “What a thoughtful gift.”
The gift of fly fishing to a fly fisher is indeed a thoughtful gift. For that matter, anything fly fishing is likely needed or wanted. This same gift, given to someone wanting to learn can be the best gift one could ever receive. It could put folks on a path to a lifelong activity.
For those of us who had to learn and wanted to learn, we are thankful for everything that flyfishing gives us. First, it’s a lot of fun, particularly with a friend as you hike, rock hop, and check out bugs (aquatic insects). When your buddy catches a fish it’s as good as it gets! Flyfishing provides opportunities for serenity. Being out in nature and standing in a cool babbling stream or brook is as good as it gets! When your rod bends and you’re hooked to a fish you have fooled using a fly is such an adrenaline rush! Nothing matches it!

Be the best Santa ever and purchase a gift certificate for a guided trip, lesson, or a Learn to Fly Fish School.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Stream and Brook Fly Fishing.