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Girls, Girls, Girls

Girls, Girls, Girls

Thank you everyone who takes the time to read  and view  what Stream and Brook fly fishing is up to. On social media and right here on the website. I wonder if anyone has notice what has been appearing quite frequently in our trip photos. It’s girls, women, ladies young and old wanting to cast a fly rod to attempt to catch fish. 75% of our guided trips this year have included at least one girl. 

A couple of year ago Orvis started an initiative to get more women involved. It’s know as 50/50. It’s to promote equality in the fly fishing industry. We have always supported women in the sport. Last year we had two women guiding for us and it was great. Women clients feel so much more at ease if another women is instructing. With this change in the industry we are looking to add a couple more qualified gals to join the team.

Jamie Eisenberg has been a stream and Brook guide for the last two years

Ladies, if you ever enjoyed swimming in a local  river as a kid and hopping around on rocks with friends ,and taking a nap listening to a babbling brook. If you like hiking into places few ever go with the chance of seeing numerous wildlife. If you like any of that, then just imagine adding the ability to catch some of the most beautiful creature ,that you fooled, with a skillful cast of a fly.