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Going out like a lion

Going out like a lion

  • March 28, 2022
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March is said to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. In Vermont, April resembles that statement. We received 2 inches of snow over night and the high today will be in the low 20’s, lets not talk about windchill. April is around the corner, so is some fun and challenging fishing.

As we get into April, we stand a better chance of hooking up with a Lake Champlain run steelhead. Warmer temps causing snow melt in the mountains along with April showers trigger their spring spawning run. The second Saturday in April is when the regular season of trout opens. Most rivers in the state are open to C&R with artificial lure trout fishing year round. The opener, on April 9th this year, marks when anglers can have at it. Catch and keep with any means except dynamite. Later in the month we start looking for Lake Champlain run small mouth bass. These brutes spawn in many of the same river systems as the steelies so having an opportunity to get a both is an exciting time off year. Don’t forget to get your 2022 fishing license before heading out.

The banks of the rivers are snow covered today. The water temps will be in the mid to upper 30’s. Most rivers are free of ice so access to your favorite hole should be good. Be prepared to dress warmly until May gets here, but particularly over the next two week. It’s going to feel like winter for the most part, with this Thursday being the exception.

Our guides are ready to get you out for a fun day on the water. They know where to go and how to go about fishing in the early season. This time of year the fishing is challenging. Trout are cold blooded so their metabolism/activity is very low. They don’t need to feed much during this time of year so catch rates are typically low. However, there are ways to have a better chance. Hiring a Stream and Brook guide is one that can help in many ways. They know where fish hold as winter is waning, the techniques and tactics as well as the flies to use. This can be invaluable to folks who want to extend their fishing opportunities beyond the regular season. For locals, it’s an also an opportunity to learn new water.