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“Gotta have” flies!

“Gotta have” flies!

  • February 18, 2020
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In Vermont, the winter is when most fly fishers tie most of their flies. Simple reason, is that any kind of river fishing is and extreme sport most of the season. Just finding water that isn’t frozen over is tough. Parking is tough to find with snow piled up everywhere. The walk in from the car can be threw deep snow and then very icy by the rivers edge. Once there, it can be so cold that your guides freeze up and you have to dress like your ice fishing without a shanty. These are the days it’s better to just sit home by a warm fire with a glass of WhislePig, and tie up a bunch of flies for when the fishing is good and you can go in just your shorts.

Gold Stone nymph

Any flies you see on this web site were tied by me or one of our guides. We all use the same flies because we know they’re very productive. We have to use the “tried and true” patterns because we want to give our guides the best chance of having success with our clients. We like to put bend in our rod as well. These are “Gotta have” flies that is a good idea to have plenty in your box.

I’m just picking up steam with this winters fly tying. I have been been giving fly tying lessons to a father and son that come from some pretty good Maine fly fishing ancestry. This week they will be trying their hand at dry flies, Parachute and haystack style. The fly tying club has been getting been getting it done every other week to bang out a ton of “Gotta have” flies. We are meeting at the Blackback Pub tomorrow night to help celebrate their 10 year anniversary. It is also one of the only place you can purchase Castawayflies during the fishing season. (that is the big tip for the day)

If you are looking to get some “Gotta have” flies for opening day and the rest of the 2020 season, don’t hesitate to contact me I can help you put together an assortment of flies to target any species of fish that swims in Vermont. If I can’t I know someone who can.

fab 4 woolly bugger patterns