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Green up day report: April 30, 2021

Green up day report: April 30, 2021

  • April 30, 2021
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Vermont’s Green up day is tomorrow. It’s the one day, in the spring that is designated for all Vermonters to clean up what the winter has left behind. It’s good timing, by May 1st most of the snow piles are gone exposing roadside trash and we generally have pleasant weather. Tomorrow may not be as nice as that. Some forecasts that I’ve seen are talking snow and wind chills in the teens. The snow shouldn’t amount to much, but burrrrr.

It’s too bad this is a one-day event. Most people get out and do a great job of cleaning up the highways and byways of trash and debris. Others make their way to the streams and brooks to clean up stuff that gets wash in from those areas. Earthday should be every day. There are enough people out walking their dogs, jogging, biking, hiking, or fishing that all of these people should pick up something along the way. I bring a bag with me on most outings. Most times it’s filled with trash, sometimes fiddleheads and ramps, and other dinners. Even if I don’t have a bag, people who know me, know I pick up at least one thing to throw out along the way. Brian Cadoret uses his net.

Rivers up and down the state have had received between 1.5 and 2.5 inches of rain over the past 3 days. With more on the way, might be better to just clean up Vermont.

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