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Happy 2020

Happy 2020

  • December 31, 2019
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Everyone at Stream and Brook want to wish all of our fishy friends a Happy 2020, filled with perfect drifts and bent rods. Recently, we had a guide meeting with pizza and Poor House Pies to celebrate a successful business year in 2019. We also talked about ideas to work on over the winter to continue our success in 2020.

Stream and Brook guides

One of the reason things went so we’ll last year is that we had good conditions all season. We only had one stretch of hot air/water temps and little precip. During that time mountain streams remained a good option for brookies and the bass fish was really good. We even got to fish the Ephoron hatch, which CR fishermen have not been able to fish the last 2 years because of warm water.

Another reason for the successful year was the relationship we developed with WhistlePig Rye Whiskey. We were the “Fun Facilitators” for over 20 groups of people in were in VT to purchase, distribute or write about WhistlePig Farm products. These groups ranged from 2 to 10 people, which made us have to step up our guide availability and outfitting gear capabilities. we came through with flying colors.

One thing we have noticed in the past couple of years, you can see from the picture above, is that women have become more interested in the sport, and are looking to making it become a portion of their outdoor activities. 70% of our trips last year had at least one lady. These women are as fully capable as anyone and add a fun and refreshing energy to the outing. After a couple of fun trips with us, the lady escorts from WhistlePig starting volunteering to bring their guest for a shoot at getting a tug.

This winter we’ll get back to work preparing for spring 2020. Santa already left a ton of new gear, mostly for women and kids, so we can outfit our guests with quality gear. We’ll also be tying a ton of guide flies, which are are available for purchase. The tying club will be meeting every month and like last year will be heading to local food and spirit venues to support their businesses.

Grip and Grin hat

New hats for 2020 a

If you love Stream and Brook and we bring to the table, continue to check back here and on facebook and instagram all winter for all kinds of fly fishing related things. We have our new hats for 2020 from and we have shirts with same logo on the front pocket for sale. We’ll still report on river conditions for those who are in constant pursuit of bending a rod. We’ll also have giveaways, special deals for the upcoming season, tips, flies that you gotta have and any local events fly fishers might be interested in. Don’t forget to share with your friends and have them like us as well.

If you are looking to purchase “Guide flies”, or some of your favorite patterns, the earlier you place your order the better chance you’ll be ready for opening day and beyond. contact