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Hazy, Hot and Humid fishing Report

Hazy, Hot and Humid fishing Report

  • August 31, 2021
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Green mountain brookie

We are always writing about the weather in on our River Reports because it effects the fishing more than anything else. When the temperature, level and clarity of a river are perfect, fish are in their comfort zone and will be spread out in the river feeding normally. When anyone of those things changes the fish change what they are doing and we must adjust. The weather is the only thing that can change TLC, so it can make for a great day of fishing or you might not be able to fish at all.

Recently Vermont has been the tale of North and South. The southern part of the state has been getting copious amounts of rain due to the remanence of Fred and Henri. They have had perfect day only find everything blown out due to heavy rain. Even with the warm air temps, their water temps have stayed under 70.

For the fist half of August The Northern section of the state had great conditions. Normal precipitation and air temps from low 50 at night to low 70’s during the day. The trout fishing was awesome and you could fish every body of water. Recently the north has been missing out on the rain and the range of air temps has been in the low 70’s at night and high 80’ during the day cause water levels to shrink and temps of the big rivers are well into the 70’s.

We have a couple more hazy, hot and humid days ahead, however by the weekend changes are in the works to get some more average temps and that looks to hold true for the start of September.

Small Brook fishing at its best.

With these crazy and varied conditions Brook trout fishing in the green mountains has been great option. Generally small mountain brooks hold good water temps during hot spells. They also lower and clear quicker after big rain events. Folks who are not used to this type of fishing are blown away by beauty and peacefulness of their surroundings. The only thing more beautiful are the Brook trout that inhabit the waters in these remote places.