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Hot and Dry conditions

Hot and Dry conditions

  • July 12, 2020
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This time of year and especially during a drought it’s important to know the water temperature if you are practicing catch and release. Just got an 85 water temp on the Otter in Vergennes! Yikes.

Lots of folks know trout prefer cool water. We stop targeting them when it gets over 69 degrees but even toothy critters don’t do well when it’s over 79. Let’s hope for some rain the remainder of this weekend and cooler temps. The Otter is also super low around 200cfs in Middlebury not a great combo for fish looking for refuge from this current heat wave.

We have been getting clients out early in the morning and heading way up in the headwaters for small trout or targeting Pike, Bass and Fallfish.

Hot dry flies have been the orange stimulator and elk hair caddis and royal wulff. Adding a small bead head nymph like a Prince, Copper John or Stonefly could likely double your your success.

For Fallfish and Smallmouths in rivers it seems like just about any fly can work depending on the day. I have fun using giant foam Hoppers and strip them across the water making a wake and kicking up some water. You get some great surface strikes doing this. You can also drop various nymphs of from patterns like that. I also use small poppers and mouse patterns even mid day.

For Pike I’m still using big colorful flies but trying to get out at first light when the water is cooler. Pike tend to be more active in the morning than in the evening this time of year.

If anyone knows a rain dance… now is the time.