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Hot Stove Fly tying

Hot Stove Fly tying

  • January 14, 2021
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I call it “hot stove fly tying” because I actually sit by one to tie 90% of the flies I need for clients, the guide service, and myself for the upcoming season. I either tie in the morning with a cup of coffee or in the evening with an adult beverage. Many times I’m at my office at the Earthlogic building in Essex VT.

Lavender Clouser Minnow

The last fly I tied in 2020, was a Clouser Minnow. I know because the materials were still on the table when I finally got back to the vise. So I’m going to start where I left off because I’m going to need a bunch of those again next year.

Starting the year off with Clousers is backward for me. I usually start the year by tying trout flies to start filling depleted fly boxes from the previous season. I’m starting this year with Clousers because the material is ready to go, and I made a couple of new clients when they found out how many different species of fish you can catch with them.

Lake Trout on a White Clouser

Every year I catch everything from perch to pike to lake trout on Clouser minnows. It is an easy fly to tie and fish. You’ll need a bunch because big fish love them and the more teeth a fish has the more they like them. I recommend having a variety of colors, because, you know how bass are. Lake trout are the same about color, and when day turns to night, you want to have the right fly for catching a 5-10lb fish that is being picky.

Color variations are key

I like to have eyes on larger baitfish patterns. I think they help the pattern fool fish. I found the googly eyes last year and used them, mostly because they make me laugh. I have caught fish with one eye or no eyes, so they are not essential. I also like to tie them sparsely with bucktail and just as sparse with strands of flash.

I like to do my tying in the winter when it’s dark, cold and the bit is light, so I’m ready when the fishing is good. This also, a good time to put your order in for Stream and Brook flies. If you need any flies for fishing any species, let us know. The flies you’ll receive are the same flies we use in our business to get our clients hooked up.

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