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It’s all good

It’s all good

  • March 18, 2018
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We got hit with yet another nor’easter which wrapped up on the 16th. It left behind another dumping of snow, particularly in the highest elevations. A Report of 6 feet in 7days at Smugglers Notch. It also left a little slap in the face this morning with air temperatures below zero in many places.

The cold air temps will undoubtedly make fishing tough. We are not expect to be over 32 for the few days and rivers have already began to ice up over night. The deep snow has everybody thinking skiing. I hit Mad River Glen on Friday and it was outstanding.

All that snow and cold weather is all good. We are in for a great spring skiing season, and we have some good liquid reserves for the rivers this spring and summer.

If you are bumming about this weather, it’s still fly tying season. I’ve been watching March Madness and tying a ton of caddis larva. Caddis are constantly available in most streams and brooks. I suggest you have flies that imitate all phase of there life cycle. There are many colors. sizes of 16-18 will do. Caddis larva are another simple trout catching fly.