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It’s not over, until it’s over…

It’s not over, until it’s over…

  • October 25, 2021
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October 31st marks the end to the “regular trout season” every year. However, this just means that most sections of rivers and streams are closed. However there is plenty of prime sections that are open year round to catch and release, artificial lures only. These sections are open provided they are not iced over and safe to access.

We guide year round as long as conditions are safe. Cold weather fishing isn’t for everyone. You have to prepare more for safety and have an understanding that fish catching can be good but expectations should be lowed compared to fishing most other times off the year.

If you are a hearty adventurous individual looking to extend the trout fishing season. We can show you how to prepare for a cold weather day on the water. Safety is most important as more things can go wrong quickly than any time of year. So gear is very important as well as fishing strategies and flies. Let us know if your interested.

Landlocks are on the move

Our guide Ralph Kucharek has been doing a great job finding Landlocked salmon in tributaries of Lake Champlain for his clients. One day it was swing streamers and another was nymphing. This time of year we like to target spawning Landlocks and Lake Trout in and around Lake Champlain.

Swinging it!

Ralph also put a couple of ,frequent return clients, on some hungry browns and bows on a beautiful fall day here in Vermont. Copper John’s dead drifted through deeper pools and slow runs made for a fun day of nymphing.