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Lake Champlain tribs 4/12/18

Lake Champlain tribs 4/12/18


River Report 4/12/18

Lake Champlain Tribs in Vt/Ny.

Steelhead are on our mind this week as we approach the middle of April. The run we get in Lake Champlain tributaries is happening right now and waters are fishing very well. We are expecting opportunities at these fish to continue into the beginning of May. A few anglers have reported landing and losing several Steelhead over the past few days with a mix of fresh fish still entering systems and drop backs exiting post spawn.

Caught today by Lorenzo LaBrusciano on a dead drifted Egg Sucking Leech.

As trout opener approaches this weekend so does a series of rain events, which should bring a fair amount of precipitation to the region. Your best chances at locating fish will be in pockets and deep holes for the next few days while the water is low, clear, and cold.

As water levels rise due to precipitation make sure to work banks and the slowest moving sections of runs. When water levels start to drop next week after the forecasted precipitation moves out of the region it will be interesting to see if we see another push of fresh chrome come up the rivers or if we will start to see more fish drop back.


This is a good time of the month to get a shot at landing the illusive Vermont Steelhead. Anglers have had success on black stoneflies, Pats Rubber Legged stones, Estaz Eggs in chartreuse and pink, San Juan Worms, Woolly Buggers, Pheasant Tails, and Copper Johns. As we get over the hump of April it is never bad to carry streamers in your box, which will surely grab the attention of any hungry drop back steel and perhaps a trophy smallmouth bass, which should be showing up in the rivers over the next few weeks to start their spawning rituals. Before they find beds they will be very hungry.


Tony from Ct. He loves Bass and books trips every May.

The State of Vermont has also stocked tributaries with rainbows, which will are our future stock of steelhead for the years to come. Please remember to treat any stocked fish you catch with the same care you would for wild or larger fish. Also there is a great debate about whether bringing a net is good or bad luck on the water, but if you decide to bring one plan appropriately and make sure to use ones with a larger bag to ensure comfort for larger than normal fish we are starting to encounter on the plethora of Lake Champlain tributaries we have to choose from.

Happy fishing and good luck.

-Ralph Kucharek