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Making it Happen

Making it Happen

  • January 23, 2020
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  • River Report

In my last river report, I mentioned the ton of rain and warm weather we were having. I mentioned that there would be a window of good fishing after that, as waters warmed a few degrees and  lowered back down to fishable levels. A few days later I gave Brian Cadoret a hand  full of productive winter flies,  and well if you read Cadoret’s river report of that day he proved me right. Hope some of you were able to hit it just right. Since then we have had very cold temps which have shut down many opportunities for awhile. So It’s back to the vice to get ready for the next winter window and more importantly the regular season.

Hare’s ear pattern…different material recipe

Last week I was on a Hare’s ear nymph tear. The pattern itself  is great because you can just change the material recipe and you have another valuable fly that matches another aquatic nymph which can fool fish. For example my favorite March Brown nymph uses amber dubbing, Brown thread ribbing, a larger wing case made with turkey and a partridge shoulder feather for legs.

The fly tying club meets every other Wednesday at the Earthlogic building in Essex. Last night we had a great turn out. These folks turned out a bunch of great flies in preparation for their next time on the water.