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November 6th 2017 River Report

November 6th 2017 River Report

Well the 2017 VT Trout Season is over! Hope you got out and put a few fish in the net in the past few weeks! We keep going and November and early December is one of our favorite times of the year to catch fish. If you want to get out shoot us an email.

I got out on Halloween for a few hours on Otter Creek tribs. The rivers were high but fishable. Caught two very nice Rainbows and missed several others. All in all a great way to end the season.

The Pike have been pretty aggressive and are always fun to target!

Im still using big tandem flies but slowly working them through likely areas. Sometimes even letting them sit on the bottom for  a minute then continuing to strip them in.

Nothing like seeing a 36″-40″ fish chase down a fly and punish it! This time of year the Pike are way fatter/ thicker than mid Summer. In some cases twice as thick and hefty. Be prepared with a XL net, pliers, steel bite guard and a 8-10wt rod.

The Lake Champlain tribs are in great shape for Steelhead & LL Salmon. I hooked a big Metal Head on Friday swinging a large White streamer but unfortunately it came unbuttoned.

Recent rain has really filled up the rivers. A welcome sight after it was in drought mode this Fall. Rivers are at about 48 degrees and fishing great. For a complete list of rivers you are allowed to fish Year around check out the vt fish and wildlife website.

We guide and fish the Winooski, Otter and other smaller brooks all year. Trout, Steelhead, LL Salmon and Pike are always on our minds and the next month or so will will be out as much as possible.

Stay warm and keep on fishing! BC

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  1. thanks for the report, looks like you have been doing well. Might try the bike path and see what shows up. Bob

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