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River Report 10/7/19

River Report 10/7/19

  • October 8, 2019
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River report 10/7

Another big rain as much as 2”-3” since last night in the Middlebury area has the rivers high and some in flood stage. But they should drop quickly and be fishing well by Thursday. The larger Rivers like the Winooski, and Otter will take and extra week or so to settle down.

These big October rain events are welcome to those who chase Brown Trout, Steelhead and LL Salmon. This triggers them to search for spawning habitat and is my favorite time of year. If a fish is actually spawning on a bed or we see reds we leave those fish alone but otherwise it’s when we get some of the biggest fish of the season. Carry a XL net and be ready to battle when you hook up with a big fish in high water.

Eryn of the Southwestern TU on a recent trip

I’ve been having luck casting multiple streamers in the high water on the OC. Usually one a natural color and the other White. One XL and one medium sized. I just keep switching through combos till I start catching fish or getting them chasing. Wolly Buggers, Muddy Buddy’s, Double Bunny’s, Sex Dungeons, Zoo Cougars & various other Sculpin streamers are working great right now. I go straight 20 to my first fly and 12# to the second one. This is fun on a 6wt!

Hopper eater from yesterday

Also still catching lots of Trout on foam Hoppers with nymphs dropped off from them in super fast water. Stripping them up the river and swinging them across the current. Pats Rubber Legs, Prince’s, Golden Stones and the Red Copper John, Turd Fly and Walt’s Worm have been very productive in the last week.

Pike are very active right now. They love the cooler water temps and are still smashing flies in the 8”-11” range in just about and color combo. With the rivers suddenly high I think I’m going to try some small ponds tomorrow for them and Largemouth Bass from my kayak. Bass are still hitting topwater and I love those big toilet bowl flush hits on big poppers.
Lake Champlain tribs should be fishing well by the weekend. When I’m targeting them I just use pretty much the same stuff I use whe Trout fishing. Some folks like to use egg & worms plus special swinging patterns. Maybe throw a few in the box can always fit a few more. 

The NEK should be ideal. Low water in September has held back lots of fish. Thinking this big rain will get them on the move as well.

We’ve had some really great trips recently and have a bunch more planned but hit us up if you want to get out soon!