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River report 10/21/17

River report 10/21/17

The 2017 VT Trout season is winding down as it closes on 10/31. However we are fishing and guiding a ton and finishing the season strong. We do fish / guide year around as many rivers and lakes are open to fishing November through April for catch and release opportunities. Fishing in November / early December on the Otter, Winooski and other Lake Champlain tribs can be outstanding.

Beth on a recent learn to fly fish trip. She and her friend Kristen had a great time and here is what  Kristen had to say about our outing.  “Thank you Brian. That was the perfect balance of instruction and fishing time! I feel much more confident in the equipment and pattern choices now.”

Kristen casting. She had a very large Rainbow come up and grab a Hopper at dark. It got off a after a nice battle.

Beth about to release a Bow that took a Orange Stimulator off the surface.

Stream and Brook guide Andy M with a solid Brown. This time of year we are always looking for them. I prefer fishing at dark or during a rain storm as the big wild ones are a little easier to fool. We have a bunch of rain in the forecast next week! This should help in the Lake Champlain tribs and the NEK for LL Salmon and Steelhead as well! A few inches of rain will really help push the fish around.

Don’t forget about the toothy critters as they are still in play. Many of the big ones that seem to disappear in the heat of the Summer are out and about eating heavily to bulk up for Winter! – BC