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River Report 10/7/17

River Report 10/7/17

River Report 10/7/17

Had a trip get cancelled this afternoon so I hit the river in search of some wild Browns. The Otter was low and cold. 56 degrees at 2:00. The weather seemed perfect as it was 62 degrees, spitting rain and kind of dark out. Ideal conditions for chasing trout in the Fall.



I carried in 3 rods to the first spot. I normally don’t do that but I wanted to cover the water with a few setups and I had the rods rigged from a recent trip.

One rod had a single dry called the Usual. A Fran Betters pattern that floats well. Ended up catching a fat colored up Brown on it! The other day saw some fish rising in the same area and put on a small Yellow Caddis and picked up a few of them.


After that I switched to the rod that had a Hopper / Dropper on it. My first cast a large trout came up and looked at the foam Hopper called Trixie. Never saw him again. Had two small fish grab the Dropper a Purple Prince called Batman but both got off in the fast water. Had one more fish grab the Hopper but it came unbuttoned right at the net.

Pretty good action but I really love streamer fishing. So my third rod had a Strolis Headbanger already tied on. Earlier in the week I caught a few Smallmouths and a mini Pike on this fly while searching for Trout. After working it through a big pool and along a large waterfall I reeled up and decided to keep moving. Never had a big fish pay attention to the fly as far as I could tell.


I hopped in the car and relocated. At this spot I grabbed an 8wt and started working a VFG Rotax in Perch. I had a large Pike smash it but somehow I just didn’t get a good hook set. Within a half hour it was dark and time to head home.

All in all a great adventure and I located fish in most of the spots I fished. Have a great weekend and hit us up if you want us to take you on a fun Fall adventure! BC