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River Report – 4/10/20

River Report – 4/10/20

  • April 11, 2020
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Well it’s like Christmas Eve for folks who love Trout fishing in Vermont. The official Trout season opens tomorrow all the way till Halloween! Lots of us fish year round but it’s only certain water that’s open all the time and now we will have the freedom to fish all of our favorite spots.
With the Governor having a covid-19 “stay at home” in place now till May 15th that’s going to change how we normally fish and enjoy the outdoors. He is suggesting to stay within 10 miles of your home, fish solo and keep a 6’ social distance. I would add when you leave to go fishing be ready with food, water, extra clothes and all gear needed. This is not the time for stopping at several stores throughout the day while roaming around the state fishing tons of different rivers with buddies. I feel lucky we are still allowed to get out as other states have shut down the fishing season.

The Winooski River and Otter Creek tributaries were looking so prime just a few days ago. Recent rain has then higher than they have been but the ones I saw yesterday and today are still fishable but swift. With rain and even snow overnight tomorrow could be done tough conditions. Day time temps start in the low 30’s and will potentially hit in the low 40’s.
I suggest staying local and if you pull into a spot and there is a car or two already parked just move on and find another spot to wet a line. If you run into folks fishing or hiking give them a wide friendly smile and give them room maneuver and plenty of space.

With the water up with decent clarity I’d suggest having two rods rigged up. It’s also going to be cold tomorrow so I’d rig them up ready to fish tonight and save some time tying knots outside tomorrow with freezing hands. Maybe one for nymphing and one for throwing streamers.
For streamers I’m bringing Wolly Buggers, Zonkers, Sex Dungeons, Muddy Buddies and various Sculpin imitations. Because it’s not low and clear I’m using a 6’ straight piece of 20# mono for a leader. If I add a second fly I’ll use 12# for the dropper. This time of year it’s likely to run into a big wild fish and in high water I’d hate to be chasing one around with 6# test.

Popular nymphs are Golden Stones, PT Nymph, Copper John, Hare’s Ear, Pats Rubber Legs and the Twenty Incher. Some folks also prefer the Mop Fly, Squirmy Wormy and Egg patterns. Make sure you have your 2020 Vt fishing license. Be safe and considerate of everyone you encounter. I’d also ask you to consider bringing a small kitchen sized garbage bag and some rubber gloves. At each spot you park pick up a little bit of trash. Not only will this help make our great state even better but it will build you some “big fish” karma.

We are definitely looking forward to guiding! At this point we are just doing our part and not taking folks out. We are following along closely to state regulations and updates. Hopefully things settle down quickly and we can start taking folks out soon. You can book trips and also buy gift certificate, hats and t shirts anytime. Thanks BC