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River Report 4/22/2018

River Report 4/22/2018

River Report 4/22/2018

Sun? Warm air temps? Fish? Can it really be a glimpse of spring?

Recently caught Chrome by Nate Thurber



The smells and sounds of a Vermont Spring are a little late this year but they are finally here! Lake Champlain tribs have been shaping up nicely bringing a steady flow of Metalheads with every flush of high water we get.

Dylan Hotchkiss releasing a Steelhead yesterday.



Dylan said “I found that fish in the pocket water. I saw fish really moving to my fly in pocket water below or above the bigger holes. Caught it on a size 10 flashback Pheasant Tail”



Another Nate Thurber Steelhead. Notice the Lamprey mark.



Soon White Suckers and jumbo Smallmouth Bass will be entering the river’s that flow into Lake Champlain. It’s time to start thinking about flies and techniques to get that prespawn lunker. Put down the 4/5wt rods and bust out the 6/8wt sticks. Popular Bass flies like clouser minnows, drunk dads, crayfish patters and game changers will do the trick. As we get warmer river temps towards the end of May try topwater flies if you like explosive strikes!

Topwater Bass from last Spring -Kevin Ramirez



The Winooski River and it’s tribs have been cranking tons of water. Big water means fishing big flies for big fish. Try heavy flies on a sinking line. This works great to get down deep and attract that trophy Brown or Bow out of their Winter slumber. Use 12 pound or higher tippet. These fish are not leader shy when chasing a huge streamers.

Huge Brown yesterday on a Winooski Trib- Kevin Ramirez 📸 by Caleb Howard



As air and water temps warm fish will start to wake up and move around more. Fish aggressively and don’t be afraid to cover a lot of water. Flies to have for high water include sex dungeons, drunk and disorderly , zoo cougars , big woolly buggers in black, white or olive and also classics like the muddler minnow.



Great high water flies. The Sex Dungeon and Muddy Buddy.



Be safe out there and get outside!!

-Kevin Ramirez

Book a trip soon for Vt Steelhead and for the Smallmouth Bass run.