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River Report 4/23/18

River Report 4/23/18

  • April 26, 2018
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I have not taken too much time to get on the water. Sugarbush is still open and lots of snow in the higher elevation still! The Winooski River watershed is directly affected by snowmelt and runoff. Every tributary is running cold and clear for the most part. Some tributaries, such as Stevens Brook and the North Branch of the Winooski, are running at a great clarity, but the flows are still a bit too high to access or produce any fish for me yet. There are many streams flowing into the Winooski that have tremendous holdover trout and big wild fish. We need the temperatures to get above 50 degrees for a few consecutive days.

The temperature of the water and the clarity is an unwelcome adversary. We do have rain expected into the weekend. I believe this will push the rivers up even further and start another spring runoff of snowmelt. The smaller tributaries are thick enough to welcome streamer play, if you can get a decent temperature.. The key has been to get extra deep in those tail outs and playing the edges in rivers with high water.

The local ponds are also starting to show signs of life, by way of birds and some vegetation pushing through the soil. However, many still have a cover of ice/ snow making the edges the only navigable option. I am going to spend the time getting ready for the levels to drop and hit the local tributaries in the afternoon/evening, hoping to produce a few fish with decent sized streamers and stone fly patterns.

A Few patterns I will be throwing and tying will be:

Slumpbusters, Wooly Buggers, Black Stones, Pheasant Tails, Caddis Larvae, Czech Bugs, Turd Bugs…

Winooski Tributaries

Current Water levels :

Winooski River East of Bolton Dam.

~ 2320 CFS and 6.20 ft.

Running High with Dark Stained water @ ~41 Degrees F.

Mad River Warren Village… Middlesex.

~ 623 CFS and 3.80ft. Clear Water @ ~ 39 degrees F.

Little River Reservoir into Winooski River.

~554 CFS 7.55 ft. @ ~ 46 degrees F.

Dog River Northfield Falls… Montpelier

~423 CFS 224 ft. Clear Water @ ~ 40 degrees F.

Humidity 40% Wind Speed Calm

Barometer 30.38 in (1031.1 mb)

Dewpoint 11°F (-12°C)

Visibility 10.00 mi

-Rob Jordan