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River Report 7/30/2019

River Report 7/30/2019

  • July 31, 2019
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Hope you’re enjoying the summer and taking advantage of the nice weather. Still finding cool water way up in the mountains and giving the 3wt a workout. Consider going barbless and being extra gentle with these little wild gems. 

Vermont’s large rivers and the lower tribs are to warm for catch and release trout fishing right now. Even though the mountain streams are under 70 degrees still try and go early in the day for even cooler temps. We are giving away a Fishpond Stream Thermometer over on the Stream & Brook Instagram/ Facebook to help folks win one if they don’t have a thermometer. Make sure you follow us and like the post.

Still lots of fun targeting Smallmouth Bass, Pike and Fallfish on Vermont large rivers like the Otter and Winooski. 

The small bass Ponds and Lake Champlain are in great shape and fishing well! I like to get out mid day if I’m sight fishing or wait till dusk if I’m throwing topwater patterns. 
We have lots of trips coming up and but stillhave openings and guides ready to get you out for a fun fishing adventure!