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River Report 8/28/2019

River Report 8/28/2019

  • August 29, 2019
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The Pike are starting to heat up as the water temps cool and the days are getting shorter. Fall is a great time of the year to target them. From now through mid November the “water wolves” will be eating everything they see to fatten up for Winter. Plenty of quick walk n wade opportunities on the Otter Creek where I fish most often.

Its also nice to cover lots of water in a boat anywhere in Vt that Pike roam. I’ll often float rivers in my Jackson Kayak or link up with friends and other guides using rafts / drift boats. Or hit small ponds that also have Largemouth Bass. They will hit very big flies as well.

I’m using 9”-13” flies and some that are articulated. Hot colors in the last 10 days have been Perch, all Yellow, Silver/Blue , Black/White and my favorite Orange/Olive. Still lots of topwater action this time of year as well even mid day.  Gear needed is a 8wt-10wt. rod with 30# 5’ leader and then a 9” steel wire bite guard. I use line that has a built in intermediate sink tip but floating line is also fine. Always have a XL net, long nose pliers and even jaw spreaders when your targeting toothy critters.

Pike are ambush predators and top spots I’m casting to are log jams, brushy banks, weed lines, deep corners, where tribs/ ditches enter and rocky areas. After a long cast keep your fly in the water and moving a bit longer than normal as the water cools. They seem to lurk back sometimes several feet. They can cover that ground in a blink of an eye!

 As usual if releasing land the fish quickly, wet your hands, keep the fish in the net / in the water while unhooking/ getting camera ready and have fun they hit hard and battle like crazy

We have multiple guides that take folks out for Pike so book a trip soon!

Brian Cadoret – Stream & Brook guide