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River Report, April 17, 2021

River Report, April 17, 2021

  • April 16, 2021
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Well, it’s trout season in Vt! Last week was hot and dry and now it’s snowing in the mountains. we just received about an inch of rain as well. Got to love the weather in April! The rivers are in great shape overall, still lower and warmer than usual. Great for fishing for everything right now, but we’ll see the effects of this rain/snow event. Shouldn’t be a problem and we need the precip right now and every week thank you. We just hope by summertime we aren’t dealing with drought-like conditions and super warm water temperatures.

Lots of trout our guides and friends have caught in the last week we’re on nymphs. The ones I caught were on streamers. It seems like always whatever you’re most confident in will put fish in the net for you.
I caught a big Brookie and an 18.5” Rainbow on opening day on a Black Leech pattern and a huge Black / Purple streamer tied by Kevin Ramirez.

Sutton Doria caught a few nice ones on opening day while tight line nymphing In deeper pools with heavy stonefly imitations.
John Synnott who got 3rd place in the Otter Creek Classic was fishing a similar technique as Sutton and his fish also were fooled by Stoneflies. Then mid-week he picked up a few nice Browns on a Winooski trib using White streamers.
Mid-week while using his favorite Golden Stone “anchor” fly Bill Sylvester caught and released a beautiful 22” Brown in Southern Vt.

Folks are having luck searching for Steelhead in Lake Champlain tribs right now. Some are using egg patterns, squirmy wormy’s and nymphs as well. I’ve had some great success swinging streamers for spring steelhead. Some tribs get stock with 6-7 inch steelhead smolt that can be fun or a nuisance depending on your target.

I’ve been on the grind to get my first Pike eat of the year. I’ve been out 3 times so far in April and I’m seeing Pike and getting follows but they are still sluggish. As soon as I finish this report I’m going to brave the 38 degrees air temperatures, rain, possibly snow to try and land one today. I usually start with a big 8”-10” fly in bright colors to see if I can get a follow at least. In the spring the baitfish are still small so they tend to be eating mouth fulls of minnows and baby Bullhead and Perch. So sometimes using 3”-5” flies is more effective but I still prefer to go big or go home and use monster flies. I talked with one guy who one opening day caught a few Pike on Wolly Buggers while targeting trout lower down on an Otter Creek trib. As usual, carry long pliers and a big net when chasing toothy critters.

The weather outlook through the weekend and next week look very different from last week. Most nights will be in the 30’s and day time temps struggling to hit 60. So dress warm and fish flies you are confident in!
We are booking trips for Trout, Steelhead, Pike, and Bass right now so hit us up if you’d like to get out. Thanks, BC

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