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River Report April 26, 2019

River Report April 26, 2019

  • April 26, 2019
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Hopefully you got out to enjoy a good week of fishing opportunities on small and mid sized streams. Temps on some of those small stream have been in the upper 40’s with good clarity. Larger rivers have been steadily lowering , but are still above average and off color.

All of that is about to change as we have some April showers coming in today that could produce some copious amounts of rain which will close the window for small streams for a couple days. Luckily air temps will be cool enough that we should have minimal snow melt . Actually temperatures will not even approach 60 in most of the state for several days and lows could be down to freezing with a chance of some snow. This will decrease the chance for flooding during that time.

We had a couple of guided trips go out last week and our guides have been putting in the time scouting. The Lake Champlain steelhead have been slow to show for there annual spawn, but this rain could be what the fish gods ordered. It’s also not to long before the lake’s smallmouth bass start there spawning run. Generally bass and steelhead spawn in the same water so you have opportunity to get steelhead falling back to the lake as the bass start to move in. the perfect storm.

May is thought to be one of the best months of the season. Along with possibilities of steelhead and smallmouth, we start to see the water temps rise into the 50’s which invigorates all aquatic life. Trout, which are cold blooded, start to become more active and consume more food. Perfect timing because there is more food. This is when aquatic insects start to fulfill there life cycle and begin their emergence from the river bottom. Hendricksons are the first fly to hatch that will bring trout to the surface to feed. Look for water temps to be 50+ for a few days in a row for those to appear. Northern Pike also take notice to added activity as they slip from their winter lethargy an can help but put on the feed bag.

We have plenty of availability in May for guided trips and fly fishing lessons. So start planing your trip. Stay tuned to our river report all season and be sure to like us on FB and Instagram for more info.