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River Report: August 1st, 2019

River Report: August 1st, 2019

  • August 3, 2019
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River conditions around the state vary due to scattered Tstorms that hit hard locally over the past two days. Some areas, particularly south and central, got rain enough to raise leaves and dirty water. While other area received rain only enough for a drink. This is all good news as water sheds were getting a little skinny. Unfortunately, the precip didn’t cool temps down very much. Over the past week, big river and many mid sized stream have be 70+. Hopefully the cooler air temps forecast over the next couple days will help.

Mountain Brook Trout

Our guides have been using their thermometer to find cool water in the mountains, and finding feisty, dry fly eating brookies for their clients. We’ve also been taking advantage of the warm water to get some multi species outings.

August can be a transition month. We start off with warm air and water temps, and end the month cooler on both and stay cool right through September. The last two year have not been that way at all, it was hot and and bone dry until the middle of September. Keep our fingers crossed. Another thing you should be transitioning to is Terrestrials flies. Right now is the height of bug season on land. No matter where you walk there are grass hoppers jumping around, and if you leave your hand anywhere to long you’ll have something running across them. There is a constant buzz. All of this things wind up in the water and become part of the fishes menu.

Windy and rainy days are best to fish terrestrials as they get blown or washed into the water. They float or drown helplessly into feeding lanes. Later in August and all thru September flying ants start to emerge in swarms. If you are fishing while these ants start hitting the water, you could be in for an epic match the hatch fly fishing experience.

Good flies to have for for matching terrestrials are black and crystal flash ants in sizes 16-20, Green, yellow and grey Hopper patterns in size 12-8. Hornbergs are a great fly anyway, but this time of year white and green imitate moths and katydids. Crickets and beetle patterns are also worth giving a try if conditions are right.